What is this crazy witch about even?

This is the post excerpt.

   I guess we all know what our lovely president is up to. I know I do.

Though as much of a good time ranting about Donald Trump sounds, it’s not what this blog is about.

It’s about spreading the culture of the positive vibes we need. It’s about spreading peace and love.

We all know that the 1960’s happened. Woodstock, Civil Rights, Hendrix, Vietnam, etc..

Things were good and things were very awful. Yet what us as a culture combined need to realize is that just because we are not in that time frame anymore, we do live in the 1960’s.
IN our culture it is time for a revolutionary new beginning.

This whole blog is going to be sharing certain things that influence today’s culture.

Key things I will be posting:

  • Keeping up with protests I attend in larger cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and even Milwaukee.
  • Sharing historical information on the times of today’s and yesterday’s counterculture
  • Ways to keep your mind and soul at a peaceful rest


Why We Need the Outdoors

Today was gorgeous. 80 degrees, warm breeze and good vibes.

There are problems going on in the world but when we can just last down in the sun and let it shine through us, we can forget.

The outdoors can create so much happiness and laughter. It is peace within nature. 

The trees, the grass, the crickets and the sound of waves. It all comes together in a beautiful song when the wind breeze hits it.

It’s the Earth singing to us and its our job as humans to not destroy it but just sit back and enjoy the melody.

Nature is everywhere and to just go outside and see it is one thing. But to go outside and feel it. That’s a whole different ball game.

Next time the day is breezy beautiful cover girl  (sorry, I couldn’t resist), think this is beautiful. I live here. I am breathing the air of the trees. I am watching the waves crash at my feet. I am sitting on an old park bench in my home town reminiscing on good times in high school. I am here to live and breathe the beauty of Earth. Not destroy it and make it harder for me to live.

We spend our days knocking down trees and building suburbs and condos and huge houses. We dont care about the effect. We care who has the best of the best.

If you ask my opinion, the best of the best isn’t who has a bigger home and a nicer car, boat, etc.., it’s who has a bigger heart. Who lives ans breathes the glory this planet has to offer.

 Women’s Rights and Why Feminism Did Not Kill Chivalry.

Women have always fought for their rights as humans.

We even were fighting in the 1960s to create an Equal America. Yet today, we are fighting in the same ways.

In the 1960’s women would hold their signs over their naked bodies and people would be okay with that.

Today, a woman does this and she is considered a slut or an extremist. She is wanted for public indecency.

Though I’m older times it was okay. 

Not to mention, our culture is stuck on the fact that chivalry is dead due to feminism.

Feminism has been around since the early 20th century. What has killed chivalry is the disrespect we have for each other.

We call each other bitches, sluts, assholes, bastards, etc. 

We cheat on our significant others.

You cannot blame feminism for being hateful towards one another. You can only blame yourself.

Why We Need a Summer of Love.

The summer of love in the late 1960’s brought America together with good old rock and roll, great love, and lots of drugs.

The hippie movement is back. Little do we know that us “hipsters” are today’s generation of “hippies” 
We have peace festivals galore. Yet we as Counterculture Americans need one great festival that will bring us all to terms.

The hippies are revolting again. I shouldn’t say hippies. I should say Liberals. 

Bring it together. 

I cannot stress this enough. We are wanting peace and equality. From the little coffee shops and the indie music. We are on the rise again.

We are the movement.

In today’s culture a lot of it is the same. Though we know in our hearts that time is changing. We are making a new.

Old, youthful, and liberals of all types, we need a beautiful summer of sex drugs and rock and roll.

We need to become who our hearts want us to be.